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[Insert some welcome text to start, and remember, it doesn't have to be perfect the first time. You can always come back and edit it, delete it, add more or start again! Here's an example:]

We've got a project to finish, and this site is a central point to keep track of our goals, the project schedule, and our work in progress. Add pages as necessary, brainstorm on the wiki "whiteboard" page, and use the person-to-person messaging feature to keep in touch with team members.

The Assignment

Project Schedule




Team Members

Tips for Building Your Wiki:

  • Rename your home page to describe your project, then lock your home page
  • Encourage contribution: Write a "task list" for new pages.
  • Invite all group members to help out! (Click on "Invite others" in the Page Toolbox)
  • Use person-to-person messages to stay connected and to send updates, reminders, etc.

Need more? Add graphics and flourishes that match your wiki design (they're free from Paint Splatters)

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